• Jaguar XE

    Jaguar's most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon ever.

  • Jaguar XF

    Truly effortless performance, sheer driving pleasure.

  • Jaguar XJ

    A dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power.


    Jaguar’s first compact SUV.

  • Jaguar F‑PACE

    Jaguar’s most practical sports car.

  • Jaguar F‑TYPE

    Powerful, agile and utterly distinctive F‑TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car.

  • SVO

    Luxury, performance and technology taken to the highest levels to create unique Jaguar cars.



XF means business, delivering outstanding driving dynamics and efficiency combined with a level of prestige and elegance only a Jaguar can deliver.

It offers an unrivalled blend of refinement and agile handling, thanks to its Lightweight Aluminium Architecture and all-aluminium Ingenium engines. Long service intervals and competitive residual values make perfect business-sense too.

Jaguar XF delivers everything you need from a business car with its dynamic drive, distinctive aerodynamic design and state-of-the-art technologies that make every journey safer and keep you connected.

Available for the first time on diesel as well as petrol models, the option of All Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics* gives XF even greater capability in challenging road conditions.

*Market dependent.


We designed XF with business customers in mind, this means keeping total cost of ownership low.

XF E-Performance models deliver enviable efficiency, with fuel economy of 4.0litres/100km and CO2 emissions from as low as 104g/km- putting XF among the class leaders.

Efficiency doesn’t stop there. XF runs on longer service intervals too. So you won’t have to think about a service until up to 34,000km or two years*.

To identify the Jaguar XF E-Performance model, look for a discreet blue E badge on the rear of the car.

*Only applicable to XF models featuring an Ingenium Diesel engine.


With its stiff, lightweight body structure, XF takes Jaguar’s renowned ride and handling to an even higher level, offering outstanding levels of agility, which in turn, helps deliver impressive efficiency.

From offering enviable fuel economy figures to supercharged performance engines, there’s an XF for every business customer.


The foundation of the XF’s impeccable ride is Jaguar’s Lightweight Aluminium Architecture. It makes XF 190kg lighter than the previous generation XF, putting it among the lightest in its class.

Its unrivalled lightweight design not only facilitates a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, it also improves fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions to as low as 104g/km.


Jaguar’s suite of advanced technologies make the XF the most connected Jaguar ever, enabling it to be an office on the road.

Wi-Fi Hotspot provides you with a powerful external antenna for reception of the strongest possible mobile and data signal, ideal for conducting business away from the office.

Thanks to smart data entry and faster route calculation, planning journeys in the navigation system is now quicker and easier too.

On top of that, there’s a 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system – InControl Touch Pro – which offers door-to-door navigation, seamless iOS and Android connectivity, and 17-speaker, 825W Meridian digital surround sound.


XF’s assertive design stands out from the crowd, with beautifully judged curves and a confident, upright grille. Its elegant, progressive aluminium body combines short overhangs and outstanding proportions for exceptional aerodynamic efficiency as evidenced by its exceptionally low drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.26.

Inside, the cabin is a seamless blend of contemporary luxury materials and finishes, traditional Jaguar craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. The rear seat space is the best in its class, thanks to 15mm more legroom, 24mm more kneeroom and up to 27mm more headroom than its predecessor. Creating an atmosphere of all-encompassing comfort and spacious wellbeing, making it ideal for long journeys, whether it’s for business or pleasure.


We are dedicated to keeping the costs of Service, Maintenance and Repair as low as possible. XF, built for business and more refined than ever, now delivers fixed service intervals of two years or 34,000km.

It also boasts a free three-year warranty – the longest in its class - and the lowest overall service costs of three years and 90,000km.


“From an engineering perspective, our targets with the XF were bound by one holistic goal – it had to do everything better, and it does.

It offers even better dynamics and even greater refinement for the comfort of its occupants, it delivers an all-new infotainment system, and it utilises every last millimetre of packaging to maximise interior space, while exploiting all the weight-saving optimisation offered by our new Aluminium Intensive Architecture.

As a driver you will notice these benefits from the moment you sit behind the wheel.”

- Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar XF